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What course should I do?

The Middle and Classic include 7 different standardized course difficulty levels (see below). You will be assigned a course based on you registered age and gender. You can select a more difficult competitive course, but not an easier one. For example, if you are a 45 year old male, you will be assigned to "M45+", but could run "M40+" (or even "M21+" if your ego can stand it).


Non-competitive participants may select a Recreational course, indicated by a simple color name (without an associated age/gender). These results will be displayed separately. 

The Night Goat and Rogaine simply offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. You can selectany option based on experience, skills, and endurance - although we strongly recommend beginners select their namesake! 

What do the course colors mean?

In the US, orienteering usually uses a standard system of color-coded courses as follows:

Note: Due to the unique terrain of Anza-Borrego, much of the White and Yellow courses will technically be "off-trail", but will follow distinct and obvious ridge lines. 

  • White - suitable for absolute beginners. 2-3km long. 

  • Yellow - for slightly more advanced beginners. Length is typically 2-3.5km.

  • Orange - intermediate difficulty. Mix of on-trail and off-trail, generally relying on the more obvious mapped features. Length typically 3.5 - 4.5km.

  • Brown - short advanced course. Off trail and reliant on the subtler features of the terrain. Length typically 3.5-4.5km with large/steep climbs deemphasized if the terrain allows.

  • Green - an advanced course a bit longer than brown. Length typically 4.5-5.5km.

  • Red - a longer advanced course. Length typically 6-8km.

  • Blue - the longest advanced course, not always offered in smaller parks. Length typically 8-10km.


Can we race as a team? 

Each of the competitions has a different format that affects how team's work: 

Adventure Trek: Teams are encouraged and can be created during registration for each participant. If running solo, simply select "solo" as your team. There will only be one epunch per team and all team members must be within 100m of each other at all times.   

Night Goat: This is an individual competition, so there is no formal team concept. However, since it's a mass start and following is encouraged, you can easily participate together. Please make sure that each person registers their epunch at each control. 

Middle & Classic: These are individual competition and following is not allowed, with two exceptions: 

  • Multiple registered participants on the White and Yellow course may start together at any time. 

  • Parents of registered children needing a "shadow" on the White or Yellow course may simply come to the start with their child. No registration needed. ​ 

Is my e-stick big enough for the Adventure Trek? 

The Adventure Trek will have 50+ controls to visit and some esticks don't have enough memory for this. 

  • All Advanced (6hr) competitors who rent esticks will receive a suitable model. 

  • Advanced competitors who bring their own estick should ensue they have an SI9 (or above) model. If not, please add a rental to your registration. 

  • Any Intermediate (3hr) competitor who expects to visit more than 30 controls should request a suitable model when renting. 

Why do you offer a "locals discount"? Who can use it? 

Many SDO members are casual orienteers who have historically not made the trip to Anza-Borrego for this event. To ensure it's continued viability, we need to have more local support and involvement, making local attendance a priority. Our standard event fees remain a bargain!

The locals discount is available to all permanent residents of San Diego County. 

No National Ranking Events this year? 

This event has historically offered the Classic as an NRE. Feedback from our recent attendee survey indicated that participants prefer we redirect our limited resources towards other offerings. Importantly, we intend to offer Middle and Classic courses of a similar quality and difficulty to what you would find at an NRE. 

Should I camp? 

Yes! It's a big part of the fun of the event, with epic views and a convivial environment. Conversely, the drive to Borrego Springs gets old quickly and the motels are general overpriced for what you get. 

Can I bring my dog? 

Technically, yes, but it's a terrible experience for them. The State Park has a policy that dogs be leased and can't leave the roads, to which it's imperative that we adhere. In practice, this is torturous, as they are surrounded by open desert full of interesting runners and animals to chase. Also, cactus and dogs don't mix very well.

Can I cancel and get a refund? 


SDO offers a full refund via Paypal for participants who request a cancellation at least 30 days before the event by emailing info@sandiegoorienteering.orgUnfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds to those who cancel within 30 days of the competition. However, we are able to transfer entries to a different person if the request is received before Tuesday, Jan 9th. 


What if the event is canceled? 


Orienteering events are never canceled due to inclement weather. If the event is canceled due to natural disasters (fire, flooding) or due to changes to permit status by land managers, a full refund will be offered via Paypal. 

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