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The Anza-Borrego Orienteering Festival consists of four unique competitions designed to showcase the great variety of the available terrain and test your navigational and physical abilities.


The Adventure Trek

9am: Advanced (6hr)

12pm: Intermediate(3hr) & Beginner (1hr)

New this year, the Festival will kick off with the score orienteering Adventure Trek, in which participants choose their own path and distance on a giant new map of the park!

Beginners can spend an hour exploring near HQ, visiting as many controls as possible. Intermediate and Advanced navigators can test themselves against new, remote corners of the desert for 3 or 6 hours.


Sunday Morning
The Maze Middle


Navigate the slot canyons and steep slopes of the iconic "Maze" in a middle distance 7-course point to point competition. The distances will be short, but the complexity high, with numerous route options and physical challenges between controls in this three-dimensional wonderland.

Beginners will thrill to exposed ridges and memorable vistas while following a more straight-forward route. 


Sunday Evening
The Night Goat


Are you ready to take on the desert at night? 

This modified format will extend our Goat (8-10km) and Borrego (4-5km) mass start tradition, but with a dusk start time. Following is encouraged, but as night settles and the group splinters, you might face the dark desert alone to complete this point to point course. 


Beginners who want just a taste of the night will be accompanied by a guide for 2-3km to ensure a rewarding experience. 

The Classic


Measure your fitness and navigation skills against the best in a traditional 7-course classic orienteering competition that will span both technical and fast terrain. 

Beginners can stick to the basic White course or use their newly built skills to take on the Yellow or Orange competitions.

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